Return of Company Property Letter CERTIFIED MAIL-RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED Date Employee Name Street Address City State Zip Code Dear Mr. /Ms. Name According to Company policy employees are required to return all company equipment upon termination. As of the writing of this letter there is no record of your returning the following item s Item If the above listed items are not returned by Date Company will be compelled to contact local law enforcement. Please contact us as soon as possible to...
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Hey you know me it's Victoria four major knowledgebase one of the most popular forms and our store is the one where people get to get their stuff back we call it the return of company property form and this allows you to send the form to an employee so that you can get your laptops back your manuals any other property they may have had while they were employed by you and guess what if they don't give it back to you perhaps you can hold their last check now before you do that you want to make sure that's legal in your state and to that you've covered that in your employee handbook upfront to see those are the rules so if you're looking to make sure you get your stuff back it will be a link in this video then you can do that but CH our knowledge base and just look for the return of company property ladder hope that helps for when your people leave